What We Do

At Alternativetohotel.com we are able to slash your holiday costs, which, too many, may be a holiday of a lifetime. By specialising in affordable accommodation, we provide you with an alternative range of accommodation which comprises of places in private hotels, family homes, board and lodging in purposely converted homes for holiday makers. Plans are afoot to post thousands of accommodation units located all over the world on our website. Our key destinations are Africa, the Caribbean, South America, US, Canada, India, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, New Zealand, China, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Europe, Cambodia and Hong Kong. We offer great value for money. When you advertiser with us, you will have total control on your mini site, where you can upload and edit all your material information, and most important you can select the period of availability of your accommodation. By constantly reviewing the accommodation we offer, we ensure that our clients receive the quality they expect at the very best value for money. Our aim is to make your travel arrangements easy at an attractive price.